August 2003,
a dry and hot summer with nowhere to go to: sun all over the place and the swimming pools packed with people.
The only shadowy place in the whole city is a dark and slightly mouldy band room. Having fled from the sun to spend another warm summer day subsurface, we decide that we might as well make some music now that we are actually sitting together in one room.
Soon we find out that making music provides a sufficient amount of entertainment, so we continue making music long after the darn heat has gone.
After working on some pieces of college rock-ish songs, we discover that this kind of music doesn't suit people too well once they have turned thirty and have started to develop an effectual potbelly and representable man boobs.
So, what we are now: alumnic and well-fed guitar music to nod along to, whenever disgust and shame meet at your local pub to shake hands and get adequately plastered.


Andreas (Guitar, Vocals)

Guido (Guitar, Vocals)

Carsten (Bass)

Axel (Drums, Vocals)